Welcome to the Military Club of Stockholm

The Military Club (Sw: Militärsällskapet) was established in 1852 for the benefit of officers serving in Stockholm. The Club enabled officers to meet and exchange views on all matters within an informal network. The founding officers were three lieutenants: Count F. Horn, the 2nd Life Guards Regiment (Sw: Andra livgardet), Baron J. T. Beck-Friis, Life Guards (Sw: Livgardet till häst), and E. R. Peyron, the Svea Life Guards (Sw. Svea livgarde).

Originally, membership in the Club was limited to officers and reserve officers, whether in active duty or retired. In recent years the Board have extended the membership to ladies and gentlemen who are not officers, provided that they share the values and principles upon which the Club was founded.

We welcome members of our Club, members of our Reciprocal Clubs and guests of these members. By producing an introduction letter issued by the Military Club, Reciprocal Club members may enjoy the privilege to visit, dine and enjoy various activities at the Club.

Lunches are offered on weekdays and members may hire the Club for dinners or conferences.
Unfortunately we cannot offer any accommodation facilities at the Club house, but you are welcome to stay at our affiliated hotel Drottning Victorias Örlogshem, which is located in central Stockholm. 

Please feel free to contact our Managing Director if you require additional information.

Contact us
+46 8 611 60 92
Valhallavägen 104
114 41 Stockholm, Sweden

Managing Director