Accommodation for club members

In the early years, members could meet and socialize at the club but the club was not able to provide its members with accommodation, which was a particular problem to the navy staff stationed in Stockholm. Therefore, Swedish Queen Victoria took the initiative in 1908 to build a hotel as a “homelike refuge in Stockholm where Navy officers and sailors could find quarters at reasonable prices”. A foundation was created and the hotel was named Queen Victoria’s Naval Home after its founder. Today, the Home provides lodging to personnel from all branschen of the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Home with its 51 rooms is situated just across the water from the Royal Castle in the most exclusive part of Stockholm and provides members of our club with high class lodging at very reasonable prices. The distance from our club to the Home is a 20 minute walk or a 10 minute travel either by taxi or subway.

Stiftelsen Drottning Victorias Örlogshem,
Teatergatan 3, 111 48 STOCKHOLM.
Telephone (open 7/24): +46-8-6110113