About Militärsällskapet

The Military Club of Stockholm was founded in 1852 with the specific purpose of letting its members “like at home, engage in both joyful and earnest exchanges of opinions on military and all other matters, and gain knowledge and insight of the happenings in our Kingdom, our Royal Armed Forces and elsewhere in the world.”

Ever since, our Club has enjoyed a long and uninterrupted tradition of providing comfort and off-duty activities to officers stationed in Stockholm as well as to royalty such as King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, King Christian IX of Denmark and King Frederick VIII of Denmark. With its approximate 800 members, the club is currently situated just next to the Armed Forces Headquarters in a newly renovated 411 sq.m. Patrician suite by the boulevard Valhallavägen in Östermalm – a very fashionable part of Stockholm.

In the early years, club membership was open to officers of the Army, Navy and General Staff. At the club, members could meet and socialize but the club could alas not provide accommodation to its members. The lack of accommodation was a problem, particularly for the navy personnel stationed in Stockholm.

In 1908, therefore, the Swedish Queen Victoria took the initiative to build a hotel as a “homelike refuge where Navy officers and sailors could find quarters at reasonable prices”. A foundation was created and the hotel was named after its founder as Queen Victoria’s Naval Home. The Naval Home is situated just across the water from the Royal Castle in the most exclusive part of Stockholm and provides members of our club with high class lodging at very reasonable prices even today. The distance from our club to the Naval Home is a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute travel either by taxi or subway.

With the establishment of the Royal Swedish Air Force in 1926, club membership was extended to officers of this new branch. In 1985, following the introduction of female officers to the Swedish Armed Forces, membership was opened up to them as well. Club membership is presently open to all Swedish military personnel with rank OF-1 or senior, as well as to senior civilian officials in the agencies subordinate to the Ministry of Defence, senior officials within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, and senior officials in Swedish Defence Industry.

At the club, members can have luncheon in our Dining Halls or a drink in the Ulinders Bar, arrange private or business meetings in our lounges or just enjoy reading a book in our Library. Although there is no all-week dining at the club, evening club activities do occur weekly.

Our club has an extensive network of affiliated clubs, whose members can enjoy the same benefits as our members when in Stockholm. When visiting our club, please observe the club codes at all times.

The opening hours of the Military Club of Stockholm are Monday through Friday between 11:00-17:00 hrs CET. Luncheon must be pre-booked and is served between 11:30 and 13:30 Monday through Friday. Please check our web page for further information about club activities outside regular opening hours. For other inquiries, please contact the Club Secretary either by telephone +46 8 611 60 92 or by vd@militarsallskapet.se.