Operation ”Save a Monarch”

The Military Club in Stockholms collection of oil portaits of Swedish monarchs from Gustav I onwards is unique beeing a complete collection. The older portaits are of very high qualilty despite the fact that they are copies from early 19th century. In some cases the copies have been painted by the original artist. Many of the protraits are however in bad condition with darkened varnish, tears, loose paint and damaged frames.

The Military Club has started a renovation project where we, painting by painting, collect funds to renovate them. Every renovation takes in average three months and are done by one of Swedens most competent conservators Irena Batalow.

We are now collecting funds to renovate the portrait of Charles XIV John (Carl XIV Johan), the first monarch of the Bernadotte House. Shares in the project are sold at 1.000 SEK per share. Buyers will have their name on an honorary plaque on the frame of the portrait. It is possible to buy more than one share.

Contribute to the renovation of the portrait of Charles XIV John. 

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